Virus-URP5 multiplexed RT-qPCR assay

This product detects:
SARS CoV2 (Omicron N1P)
Influenza A (H1N1 and H3N2)
Influenza B
RSVA Respiratory syncytial virus A
RSVB Respiratory syncytial virus B
human RPP30-RNA

qPCR Enzyme MM included
Positive controls included
Spike-in control (sent upon request, no charge)

Product Information Sheet

Kit: Virus-URP5 multiplexed RT-qPCR assay



Note 1: One kit provides enough primers and probes to perform 100 PCR reactions with 20 uL total volume.
Note 2: If you select the control assay, then the control primers and probe will be mixed with the pathogen primers and probe. If you want to order the control separate from the pathogen, then select the control as a separate item for the Shopping Cart.
Note 3: The Synthetic DNA positive control contains a mixture of 500 bp regions of all the pathogens and the control assay at approximately 5000 copies/uL for each target. 100 uL is provided, so only order this when needed. This should not be added to specimen unknowns. Also note that the synthetic DNA control is specific for each assay, and thus the positive control cannot be used to test other assays that are directed to other regions of the genome.
Note 4: The Enzyme mastermix is provided in a separate tube from the primers and probes.
Note 5: Shipping costs will be added at the end of the shopping cart depending on the total contents of the order. Discounts for larger orders will also be applied at the end in the shopping cart.

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