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Most Popular Multiplex Kits

PCR Assay kits are now available for CLIA and other research laboratories

Our qPCR kits are available at a fraction of the price from competitors and our performance is best in class for multiplexing, sensitivity, specificity and limit of detection. We offer bulk quantity discounts, optional enzymes, and can ship overnight to most locations in the United States.

For Research Use Only (RUO). Not for use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Why we started PCRassays.com

PCRassays.com was formed from decades of research and solutions in the infectious disease and oncology diagnostics space by DNA Software. As an organization, we have been dedicated to helping researchers with their primer design and PCR problems to make new medication, defeat viruses, and cure disease.

In our continued pursuit to help improve health care outcome and save lives around the world we are proud to offer many of the PCR assay kits that we have designed based on our own primer research.

DNA Software will continue to offer the best in-class and software services for complex PCR analysis but we will also now offer the building blocks from our solved science to laboratories around the world so that they can move even faster with their research.