Our Story

PCRassays.com evolved from two decades of research, customer engagement and market adoption of solutions from DNA Software (DNAS) throughout the molecular diagnostics industry. As a natural extension of its unique capabilities in multiplex solutions, DNAS formed PCRassays.com to deliver a full portfolio of pre-validated qPCR kits.

PCRassays.com delivers more value to our customers through our uniquely multiplexed reactions that will save you up to 4-fold on enzyme costs.

  • PCRassays.com provides highly robust designs based on the industry-leading platform from DNA Software, Inc.  Our designs detect all variants of each pathogen, and have minimal false positives or false negatives, and have LOD <10 molecules for most kits.
  • Overall, our assays have best-in-class performance.
  • We specialize in delivering high-quality multiplexed assays.  We are working to build our portfolio to >300 pathogens, many of which are currently available.
  • Kits have been optimized and engineered to NOT amplify anything in the human genome,mRNA RefSeq, or microbiome through rigorous experimental validation.
  • We will help you to get the assays up and running in your lab, with technical consultation. We provide synthetic positive controls with all of our kits so that you can verify performance.
  • Additional technical support includes data sets for application for LDT/CLIA approvals: inclusivity accessions list, bioinformatic analyses of each kit (melting temperatures and mismatch analysis of the inclusivity), sample assay performance given in the package insert provided with each kit.