Unraveling the Unique Features of PCRassays.com Multiplex PCR Assays


Throughout our 23 year company history, the demand for precision and efficiency has driven the development of our advanced multiplex technologies. Multiplex PCR kits have emerged as indispensable tools for our customers, offering the ability to simultaneously amplify multiple DNA or RNA targets in a single reaction well. However, not all multiplex PCR kits are created equal. In this blog post, we will delve into the intricacies of what sets PCRassays.com multiplex PCR assays apart from those of their competitors.

PCR kit packagingUnderstanding the Basics

Before we unravel the distinctions, let’s briefly review the basics of understanding multiplex PCR. Using DNA Software to design all kits, we have leveraged our superior science, namely the multi-state coupled equilibrium model, in building assays with unparalleled assays specificity and sensitivity. Our science enables the ability to measure and model the free energy our all interactions and then bring the pieces back and measure the free energy of the entire system. This unique capability separates us from other approaches and the designs found in other kits.

Primer Design and Specificity

One crucial aspect that differentiates multiplex PCR kits is the design of the primers. The specificity of primers plays a pivotal role in ensuring accurate target amplification. Our software, ThermoSleuth, vets all candidate solutions with the correct mismatch thermodynamic scoring to eliminate any false positives or false negatives that could potentially arise in multiplex.

Polymerase Enzyme Performance

The choice of polymerase enzyme is another factor that contributes to the divergent performance of multiplex PCR kits. A superior polymerase ensures efficient and robust amplification across multiple targets. At PCRassays.com, we have engineered our enzymes to optimally perform with our assays and enable multiplex so that customers can yield the benefit of higher throughput at less cost.

Amplification Uniformity:

One distinguishing factor lies in the uniformity of target amplification across different multiplex PCR kits. The consistent amplification of all targets, particularly at lower concentrations, is the hallmark of a well performing multiplex assay. This uniformity is critical for obtaining reliable and reproducible results, and the LOD >10 molecules in multiplex.

Multiplex PCR Kits: Beyond the Basics:

Now, let’s explore additional features that elevate PCRassays.com and understand why the difference is in the design:

  1. Flexibility in Multiplexing Capacity: Our kits offer a higher degree of flexibility in terms of the number of targets that can be simultaneously amplified. This adaptability is advantageous for researchers that need to mix and match targets.
  2. Optimized Reaction Conditions: The optimization of reaction conditions is a hallmark of premium multiplex PCR kits. This includes the formulation of reaction buffers that promote efficient amplification across a wide range of templates, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging experimental conditions.
  3. Compatibility with Different Instruments: The compatibility of our kits with BioRad CFX96, Quantstudio 5, 7 and 12 K Flex, Roche LC-480 along with BMS Mic speaks to the performance of our assays.
  4. Comprehensive Validation and Quality Control: Rigorous validation and quality control processes distinguish top-tier multiplex PCR kits.